What Kind Of Silver Jewelry Is Suitable For Baby Wearing?

- Jan 13, 2017-

You can buy the kind of carved baby and no pendants, the kind of carved dragon carved Phoenix looked very beautiful, in fact, it is easy to get into the dirty things, like licking the baby is not good, but there are pendants The kind of baby will go to grasp the bite, bite down to eat on the dangerous, you can buy an oval-shaped silver silver bracelet, so do not scratch the baby's skin. When the baby is worn, it is best to remove the silver bracelet, so as not to affect the baby sleep.

Silver bracelets, silver bracelets have to add heavy metals such as lead or antimony, so as not to wear the baby For a long time, lead and antimony exceeded the level, causing mental harm to the child. In the formal mall to buy some of the higher purity of silver jewelry, but also placed six months to one year after the wear, so you can reduce the radiation of silver jewelry.

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