Wedding Rings And Maintenance Methods

- Nov 22, 2016-

Maintenance method
1. ring in Platinum when cleaned regularly, and only with a soft cloth dipped in a mild soap and warm water and gently wipe the surface of Platinum on the line. Or you can go to buy a normal Platinum maintenance solution for maintenance of cleaning fluid or something to clean, so keep your platinum ring appearance and lasting gloss.
2. When you do housework or other vulnerable to ring when you took his ring. Because when in heavy work, for example, accidentally hit the ring first and easy to hang your hands or other parts of, or are likely to damage the rings. And do housework when not to contact some dishwashing liquid, detergent and other chemicals, and that if some chemical reaction with the metal, it also destroys the ring. That also do not, and other metal jewelry that together, that might be easier.
3. If we are not careful in a platinum ring leaves a scratch or other removal off material, then you need to be polished to a professional shop. Find a professional jeweler or Platinum maintenance training artisans to adjust size, polishing, cleaning, restoration of high brightness.
4. the last recommends to jewelry stores to carry out regular inspection and maintenance, so long, can make your life more directly and more memorable!

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