Wearing Wedding Ring

- Nov 22, 2016-

Wedding ring to be worn on the ring finger of 2 reasons:
First: because in the ring, is a blood vessel and heart connected, stay for a lifetime relationship, the wedding ring on the ring finger on behalf of their affiliated, connected. Second: the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the reasons illustrated by the game:
1, first of all, we lend a hand, middle finger bent down, close together, is a middle finger back to back with.
2, and then the other 4 fingers are finger-touch
3, before the start point of the game, please make sure that the following process, 5 fingers and allowed only a pair of split. Here starts the game point.
4, please open your thumb and thumb represent parent, it can be open, everyone will have birth, parents will one day leave.
5, please close the thumb, open up your index finger, index finger on behalf of brothers and sisters, they have their own family, they will leave.
6, please close your forefinger, and then open a small thumb and little fingers on behalf of their children, their children have grown up, sooner or later, will have its own family life, they will leave.
7, then please close your little fingers, then try to open the ring finger. This time, you will be surprised to find that the ring finger could not be opened, because the ring finger represents couples are never separated. True love, glued together, are forever inseparable.
A wonderful physical phenomenon, which is a couple.

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