Wear Pearl Is Equal To Recognize The Old? Do Not Be Get Wrong! The Most Fashionable Still Is It!

- Feb 07, 2017-

1.Gold Philosophy

The young New York jewelry brand, the elegant freshwater pearls and cold metal combination in together, it seems that instantly opened up the Pearl of the Governor of the second pulse, the fashionable weird

All models are used in pure silver plated 18K gold, and sometimes will be shining inlaid shiny diamond, refined and modern full. Wear them, will be able to instantly avatar heroine

Founder and designer is actually a pair of sisters, childhood jewelry collection by the impact of mad father, for those sparkling peculiar gem passion, coupled with imagination and noble pearl embellishment, accessories really play out of the New tricks.

Your secret angel is crazy grass, I hope you do not miss this trip to the fashionable train ~

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