We Shipped 2200pcs Copper Wedding Rings To A Germany Client On May 26th, 2018

- May 26, 2018-

We Shipped 2200pcs Copper Wedding Rings To A Germany Client On May 26th, 2018

As a professional OEM/ODM manufacturer of making wedding rings in different material, we've been the stable supplier for many Germany jewelry brand. We usually got real gold samples from clients and makes dummy rings for them as 1:1 duplication samples, most of them are made by manaul lathe, we make all the process inside our factory, so we can control the quality well to be high level. That's why we always get repeat orders from our clients. 

Today's shipment is for dummy wedding rings in copper material, total 2200pcs in one carton:

Copper Rings.jpg

If you are insterested in our goods, welcome to visit our websites www.omdweddingrings.com | https://oumeide.en.alibaba.com/ to get more information, and please feel free to contact with me at sales01@szoumeide.com if any question.  we also make rings by cast mould for the rings with stone setting like crowns. 


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