The End Of The Price Of Five Gold Rose Even The United States To Fight Back To Regain Gains

- Mar 29, 2017-

Paper silver fell unexpectedly on Monday, is currently at 4.04 yuan / gram line shock, the end of the previous five rose, because Tuesday (February 28) Trump will be delivered a speech in Congress, the content is expected to give the market a "reassurance ", The dollar index to regain the kinetic energy, paper, silver prices decline continued.


We will talk about infrastructure spending on Tuesday," said Trump, who will talk about infrastructure spending on Tuesday. In addition to investing in infrastructure, Have no choice. "


In addition, Trump reiterated his position last week, saying that only after dealing with the Obama health care reform bill will be released after his tax reform program. He did not understand the cost of medical reform program will not come up with tax reform, has been in the field of health care to form a really good solution, he proposed tax plan will be very simple.


Although Trump suggested that the tax reform will not come soon, but it is looking forward to the financial stimulus market reassurance, said it will vigorously put into infrastructure, the dollar rebounded.


In addition, the US President Trump at the White House held a meeting to the US large medical insurance company CEO said they can expect, there will be "some special things" to replace the Obama medical reform, Trump said he was the next day in Congress The speech will be mentioned, "I think you will like to hear yourself."


In the speech, Trump commented that the Obama administration had brought disaster to the insurance market. He asked Tom Price, the Minister of Public and Health Services, to work with the CEOs to stabilize the insurance market and ensure a smooth transition to a new health insurance law.


To summarize the drop in the price of silver on Monday, the reason is that the US President Trump mentioned the big investment in infrastructure to make the market excited, so that the dollar index higher, the corresponding decline in paper silver.

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