The 5th China (Hunan) International Symposium On Mineral Gems Expo Was Held In Beijing

- Apr 07, 2017-

March 29, the Fifth China (Hunan) International Mineral Gem Fair press conference held in Beijing. The fifth mining fair will be held May 18 to 22 in the "China Nonferrous Metals Township" held in Chenzhou City, Hunan Province.

Deputy Director of the Organizing Committee of the Fifth Mining Fair, Deputy Secretary-General of Hunan Provincial People's Government Chen Zhongbo, China (Hunan) International Mineral Gem Fair, is approved by the State Council, sponsored by the Hunan Provincial People's Government of mineral gem professional exhibition. From 2013 onwards, the mine has been held for four consecutive sessions. Chenzhou International Mineral Gemstone Expo Co., Ltd. as the main body of the implementation of the market, the Chinese Museum of Natural Science Museum, China Geological Museum, China Paleontology Fossil Conservation Foundation, the Chinese watch the Chinese Ministry of Land and Resources, Stone Association, China Mining Association, China Jewelery and Jade Jewelry Industry Association for the support unit.


Chen Zhongbo said that the current mining Fair to "magic crystal, colorful fluorite" as the theme, adhering to the "convergence of global resources, build international brands, expand exchanges and cooperation, promote scientific civilization," the purpose of the exhibition, adhere to the "international , Professional, branding, standardization, marketization, industrialization, "the direction of the exhibition to the local science popularization, resource display, commodity sales, industry investment, international exchange as the core content of the world's mineral crystal production of fine minerals as the main display content The


He pointed out that the core exhibition hall of the current mining fair is located in Chenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, a total planning exhibition area of 100,000 square meters, set the international standard booth 2600, sub-international mineral crystal area, national treasure boutique mineral gem exhibition area, fine jewelry Jade area and the province's tourism resources display area, mineral fossil area, the domestic mineral crystal and ornamental stone area, natural science area, mine Fair comprehensive service area 7 exhibition area.


It is reported that the current mining Fair will invite foreign dignitaries, top collectors, scientific community and industry leaders, museums and internationally renowned exhibitors, to share the latest achievements of the world's mineral gemstones, the latest technology, the latest mineral. The exhibition includes ore, fossils, rocks, precious stones and Hunan Province, geological parks, mining parks, mineral resources, geological heritage resources.


In addition, the mining fair held during the organizing committee set up the International Mineral Gems Summit Forum, mining science popularization, major industrial projects signed, the international friendly city concluded more than 10 thematic activities.


During the exhibition, the theme of "Fairview Xiaoxiang - the hometown of great man" as the theme of "Hunan Natural Resources Promotion Exhibition" will be held at the same time, to show the world 14 cities in Hunan Province, nearly 50 geological and mining tourism resources.


Chenzhou International Mineral Gem Expo Co., Ltd. Zheng Jianrong, general manager of the conference after the media interview also said that this exhibition will be established for the exhibits traceability fidelity system. "All exhibitors should join this traceable fidelity system, marked our bar code, we can track the exhibits of the manufacturers, raw materials, etc." He said.

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