Ring Wearing Method

- Dec 22, 2016-

Internationally popular ring wearing method is:

Index finger --- want to get married, said unmarried;

Middle finger --- has been in love;

Ring finger --- that has been engaged or married;

Little finger --- that single.

Traditionally there is a finger in the right hand when wearing a ring is meaningful, and that is the ring finger. It is said that wearing here, that with the nuns of the heart.

There is also a ring, no matter where they are worn do not have any meaning, this ring is the general flower ring. This ring is a decorative role, you can wear on any finger.

Women like the meaning of different rings to express:

Love sapphire or aquamarine. More introverted cold.

Emerald or Turkish stone who love, delicate feelings.

Love pink diamond or pink coral who, feelings of rich and romantic.

Like ruby or red tourmaline who, like fire.

Men like the different rings to express the meaning:

Wear jade-oriented focus on the quality of taste, rigorous work.

Wearing a silver ring that gentle temperament, easy to accommodate others.

Daikin ring who pay more attention to the interests of, often have a smart business mind.

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