Oumeide Jewerly——The Professional Customization Belongs To Your Own And For Your Love.

- May 17, 2017-

Oumeide Jewerly——The professional customization belongs to your own and for your love.


For love, people always look for symbols, diamonds rings are the best representatives, it’s the best gift for love. As the best symbol for love, the diamond rings conveys not only the value of the ring, but also the long-term expectation of love. We usually see only the sparkling of diamond ring, but ignores the technology behind of the diamond ring itself. It’s such a group of artisan, full of originality that they use their craftsmanship make love better.


Shenzhen Oumeide Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a professional and reliable OEM/ODM jewelry manufacturer, which established in 2006. The owner , Mr. Ge Junjie and his R&D team has been in the related industry for more than 20 years. The company is professional in making customized diamond rings, including engagement rings, wedding rings, etc..




The customization process of the diamond ring is multifarious, generally need several procedures, such as make the drawing, 3D reverse mould, Mould, Setting, Polishing and so on. Such as customized rings will takes around 10 days. Every process is delicate. Start with drawing, communicate with customers, confirm the pattern of the diamond ring and the pattern on the ring. Next, 3D will draw the image and form a wax version and make the plastic mould. Next, will arrange the welding, the preliminary polishing casting surface, the assembly of jewelry accessories and so on. Then it is inlaid, and it is a very important process to keep jewelry diamonds fixed on their respective sides. When it's finished, finish the final polishing. Make sure that the metal surface is shining like a mirror. Finally, to make the laser marking by equipment at the designated position with customized word or symbol.

Love is always a beautiful thing, and it is a good thing to add a bit of happiness to it. To choose Oumeide, let the ring bring its own private language to your love, and give her/him more love.


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