Munich Watch & Jewelery Show

- Feb 15, 2017-

When the domestic Lunar New Year colorful fireworks has not yet dispersed when the international watch ring annual event - Germany Munich Watch and Jewelery Show, will open on February 18 this year.


Munich, Germany watches and clocks as the industry's only exhibition with the Swiss Basel show jewelry jewelery exhibition, is one of the world's largest watch show. The exhibition venue is located in Munich, Germany, located in the European cultural and economic center. 

Because the show is only for watch manufacturers, jewelry manufacturers, gold and silver products manufacturers, the sale of jewelry shopping malls buyers, suppliers and related industry associations members open, the major exhibitors tend to put their brand in the exhibition year The most competitive and creative products, so the Munich jewelry watch show not only much attention by the watch industry veteran, while a large number of senior fashion people sought after. 

The exhibition will be held by the German Bertrand Group, the German Watch and Jewelery Association and the Munich exhibition joint invitation, Alibaba Group will send its general manager of Europe, Mr. Terry von Bibra as a representative of the day cat watch, and bring its high The team participates in the opening ceremony.

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