May 30 Christie's Jewelry Spring Show Presented Two Groups Of Rare Treasures

- Mar 23, 2017-

Christie's Hong Kong jewelry spring auction, will be held on May 30, and the first to introduce two outstanding works of the auction, respectively, a natural emerald necklace and a famous door of the square diamonds, is bound to become collectors competing to bid Of the collection.


The emerald and diamonds "Palmette" necklace, designed by the famous jewelry designer Edmond Chin (Edmond Chin) for the House of Boghossian design, exquisite emerald inlaid into palm leaf shape, with bright white diamond set off. Necklace from 11 unprocessed natural emerald intertwined, perfectly commensurate, Jane degree for the auction on the first see.


         Another 25.27 carat rectangular diamonds named "Jonker No.5" was cut from the famous stone "Jonker" weighing 726 karats. "Jonker" was discovered on January 17, 1934, when it was the world's fourth-largest gem-class diamond, and then Harry Winston bought the original stone in 1935 and was celebrated on the 25th anniversary of King George V and Queen Mary's reign Out. It is reported that before cutting the "Jonker" stone, the craftsman spent a few months studying each part carefully and carefully cutting into 13 diamonds, including the "Jonker No.5".

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