Many People Are Asking The Gold Jewelry Manual Fee Is What Standard To Charge

- May 03, 2017-

A lot of people asked the gold jewelry manual fee is what standard to charge? Xiaobian below to say one.

         Gold jewelry hand fee charged by the general standard there are two: one is charged in accordance with the price per gram of gold; the other is in accordance with the specifications of gold jewelry by piece charges. In addition, there are some gold shop does not charge a fee. To the Chinese gold, for example, thousands of gold price of 317 yuan / gram, manual fees free; Saturday Fu price of 316 yuan / gram, manual fee free; Chow Tai Fook price of 317 yuan / gram, the cost of each item from 50 yuan to 100 Ranging from dollars.

         A brand of gold counters responsible person Fujing Li said that due to purchase and sales channels are different, the price difference is normal. At the same time, each brand in the process style, operating costs are also different. For example, some brands of technology and technical content of the higher, and some brands are invested in a lot of marketing costs, these natural eventually reflected in the price.

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