Jewelery Zhiyi Touch The Future Of Gold Goods Hand In Hand With The China Academy Of Fine Arts To Start The Project Cooperation

- May 16, 2017-

May 8, 2017, gold jewelry national brand gold one hand together China Academy of Fine Arts in Hangzhou, Zhejiang started on the "metal art of experimental research project" strategic cooperation. Vice Chairman and General Manager of Beijing Jinyi Cultural Development Co., Ltd. Xu Baokang, Deputy General Manager and Secretary of the Board of Directors Xu Wei, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Xu Jinzhi, Executive Director of Yuezhao Jewelery Jiang Chao and Jiang Yufeng, Vice President of China Academy of Fine Arts, Long Yu Jian, experimental teaching management director Hu Huijun, deputy director of experimental teaching management Wu Yi and other leaders attended the strategic conference.



Mr. Chen Baokang, Vice Chairman and General Manager of Beijing Jinyi Cultural Development Co., Ltd., delivered a speech at the meeting to explain to the participants the strategic cooperation plan and the main cooperation direction. Chen Baokang said that the future of gold and the China Academy of Fine Arts will be "college - business" collaborative research-oriented, jointly set up "metal art Zhizhi Experimental Institute", combined with their respective advantages, in-depth exploration of metal modeling art creation techniques and industry The feasibility of intellectualization. With the completion of the experimental institute project, Jin will make full use of its own gold jewelry industry for many years of accumulation, integration of its industrial chain resources, together with the Chinese Academy of Art to establish innovative personnel training and practice base, to create a service college students Professional guidance to promote a large platform, and for the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts students to provide large market data, industry frontier information, sales channels, business guidance and other aspects of help. In addition, Kim will also fully assist the construction of the Arts and Crafts of China Academy of Fine Arts, through the metal art Institute of experimental research and development of art derivatives development base, artist resident plans and other means to maximize the production and research Of the integration.

As the leading domestic gold jewelry industry Zhi Zhi brand, the birth of the day since the gold has been adhering to the pioneering concept of innovation. In the face of the domestic jewelry brand varies greatly, the gold first rate in the brand level force, large-scale integration of domestic high-quality jewelry resources, a national brand upgrade, and in November 2016, by virtue of its own gold jewelry industry chain, , Brand, operation and management, and other aspects of the absolute superiority, after layers of screening to sub-standard king posture strong shortlisted CCTV national brand plan, the success of the top 2017 national brand plan TOP partner gold seats, fully open the gold one brand national strategy Of the layout, embarked on a national gold jewelry brand to create a brilliant road.

Always adhere to the "innovation for the soul" of the gold jewelry national brand of gold to a deep Chinese culture as the carrier, and actively explore the precious metal as the carrier of products and different areas of cross-border integration, through the introduction of a wide range of creative cross Fine, so that the Chinese culture has been inherited, but also to the golden jewelry with the essence of culture and arts into the tens of thousands of households, as the most precious collection, has become the hands of the people in the real happiness.

In the domestic gold jewelry market competition is increasingly fierce, consumer demand escalating in the background, the gold one conform to the domestic "Internet +" new trend, the first breakthrough in tradition, in 2015 to smart wear jewelry as the company's key development direction , In the product innovation level spared no effort to integrate a large number of scientific and technological innovation elements, the success of gold jewelry and technology hardware, large data and other genes, with advanced intelligent technology to meet the traditional gold jewelry consumer personalized, intelligent needs, has launched 24-hour uninterrupted detection of the body's performance indicators of the "Acare Health Smart Ring", and can help parents to monitor the temperature of infants and young children's functional jewelry "love baby smart temperature baby lock" and a series of practical exquisite smart jewelry Products, leading the entire domestic traditional jewelry industry to the direction of the development of intelligent changes.

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