International Jewelry Design Master Extraordinary Creation Qi Shixi Hong Kong Spring Shoot

- May 05, 2017-

[Christie's] magnificent jewelry and jade jewelry


May 30, Christie's will be during the spring of Hong Kong, presented a grand "magnificent jewelry and jade jewelry" auction. Among the many brightest auctions, by Adrian Cheng, Cindy Chao, Edmond Chin and Michelle Ong, four jewels from Hong Kong, renowned international jewelery designers, Boutique is particularly impressive. The four representative Hong Kong designers, through their own works not only show the inherent beauty of precious stones, but also show superb craftsmanship and unique creative ideas. On the eve of the auction, Christie's interview with several designers, share their design inspiration and creative process, and how they are forged with the jewelry art indissoluble bound.


Zhao Xinqi from the art family, works full of architectural and sculptural elements, very three-dimensional sense


From the art family of Zhao Xinqi, grandfather is a famous temple architect in Taiwan, the father is a sculptor, she was encouraged by the mother to become a jewelry designer. "I have inherited from the grandfather and father of the three-dimensional vision of architecture and hand-carved superb skills, so I can create a unique traditional works." As for Chen Zhian from childhood to his father to the jewelry store, accompanied him for the mother selection of fine jewelry, He said: "I think I am destined to become a jewelry designer." Wang Youlun in Canada after graduation to complete their studies, through a friend invited to become a jewelry apprentice. "At that time I learned about the characteristics and color of the gem.When I could not find my favorite style, I started to design my own jewelry, and then I had friends asking me to design jewelry for them.


As an internationally renowned jewelry designer, an endless stream of inspiration to become an important driving force, they are where to get inspiration from it? Founder of the famous top jewelry brand Etcetera Chen Zhianan by architecture and art inspired by tourism more forget the art Museum visit. "Art is a kind of inspiration, and art is also integrated into the life of a painting of color combinations and even decorative art pattern details, can become a design element." Wang has also never been inspired. "The beautiful clouds of the sky can inspire my creation of diamond brooch inspiration, delicate blue and white porcelain can also inspire the special cufflinks on the sapphire tone." Wang Yuelun will be placed in the bedside a notebook, wake up in the middle of my mind The idea of writing, and her brand name "Carnet", in French is the solution for the "little note."


For Zhao Xinqi, tourism, architecture and culture can stimulate creative thinking. "In the process of creation and reflection, I will pay attention to every detail, not anxious, because I hope that the final completion of a work of art." She does not like to create in accordance with the sketch, she will personally create wax mold, Made the creation, so that the finished product more vitality. Zhao Xinqi signs hand to build wax mold technology, the success of the works for the free flow of the effect. Unveiled a feather-themed "colored diamonds and diamond brooch" in the spring auction, picking out 1,000 diamonds from 6,000 diamonds, the titanium frame weighs only 78 grams, equal to two French Macaron small The weight of the round cake. Another pair of "Snow Peas" earrings, respectively, by 29.49 and 26.81 ct. England plum inlaid, together with "diamonds, rubies and colored diamond ring", each piece of precious works can represent the essence of Zhao Xinqi.


Wang Yuelun described Carnet jewelry ladies are confident and charming, it is unforgettable


And Wang Yuelun's creative process is like this: "After the design of good design, I will try different mosaic methods and gemstones, so that the design more vivid." She believes that women wearing Carnet are confident and charming. "In the design of jewelry, I show and highlight the personality of the wearer as the goal, emphasizing the design of the rich fantasy, through the works of reinterpretation of the nature and the possibility of different forms." From Wang Yuren handwriting of each piece highlights The design of the field of vision, but also reflects the exquisite skills of senior jewelry craftsmen, such as her special for this spring auction selected "color sapphire and diamond necklace", "diamond and diamond brooch" and "41.34 carat rectangular brown brown VS1 diamond ring ", Will be tough and tough gems become soft and elegant, as if given the life.

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