Gold Enterprises Do Not Earn? Selling Only Earn One Or Two Dollars Per Gram

- May 03, 2017-

"Tuesday, located in Guangzhou, the Asia International Hotel in the supermarket, the familiar Aunt Lee eagerly asked, this is already a month her fourth (gold), gold and gold, Times to ask the price of gold, and gearing up the potential, it seems to have to re-interpretation of last year's "Aunt" grab gold boom.

As the sales season is approaching, A shares of gold jewelry plate rebound significantly, Lao Fengxiang 8-week rose 31%; the Chinese mainland for the "gold price" interest doubled, took the opportunity to buy gold jewelry, the number of people in Guangzhou increased, But because of the "bear market" is expected to still strong, some people last year to grab gold was stuck, the majority of the public is still cautious attitude, lack of market preparation. The industry reminded the public not to chase high buying, it is recommended to bargain to buy jewelry, concerned about the gold market.

Public interest doubled, jewelry gold began selling, gold bars asked to buy less, you can sum up the city of Guangzhou and other places, in the face of Tuesday when the price of gold fell. Reporters learned that the international price of the day when the decline in the year to refresh the new high, but the implementation of the Guangzhou gold bars, gold jewelry prices, but also only a few dollars decline. Most of the Guangzhou shopping malls, thousands of gold jewelry per gram down 5 yuan, from the weekend of 315 to 330 yuan / g down to the current 310 ~ 325 yuan / g; gold bullion prices fell about 6 yuan / gram, investment gold bullion The price is generally between 269 ~ 275 yuan / gram.

Reporters on Wednesday interviewed Tianhe City to the East Yamaguchi line department store, and did not find the crowded gold crowd, the number of inquiries for many people, and the actual transaction is quite satisfactory. Some jewelry counter jewelry sales did show significant growth, due to the peak season approaching, marriage demand and other rigid consumption to promote the jewelry gold began selling, the summer wear demand for the market has been promoted. In contrast, gold bars, gold chapter, gold ornaments trading is still little, investment demand, gift demand is similar to the main consumer products, are all in the name of the "bear market".

While the gold price and market sales changes, but also brought a different changes in the A shares of the gold plate. To the production and marketing of gold-based industry listed companies, the recent performance of outstanding stock prices. Among them, the old Fengxiang stock from May 21 began all the way unilateral higher, 8 weeks higher than 31%, reported 27.67 yuan. The same period Golden Leaf jewelry, Oriental Jin Yu and other gold jewelry business, the stock price bottom of the trend of the rebound. In contrast, the "gold" plate leader - precious metal mining enterprises are not satisfactory, the rebound is not obvious, the trend is far less than copper, nickel mining industry-based listed companies.

Do not earn?

Selling money

Earn only one or two dollars per gram

"The bear market is almost right, the second half of the sales have always improved it?" Guangdong Province, gold and silver jewelry Chamber of Commerce, senior member of the boss Chen told reporters that his business as the gift market downturn, gold prices fell, profit margins Once approaching zero, so for the second half of the sales have high expectations.

Reporters learned that: the gold industry has always been low-profit industry, jewelry retail industry's gross margin does not exceed 15%, the processing industry's gross margin does not exceed 5%. And the bear market has continued for more than 1 year, profit margins fell further, and even the mining industry profit margins have dropped to 10%; retail industry in the market price cuts, gross margin has dropped to 7% to 8% of the category, only The original half of the processing industry involved in the overall sales year-on-year decrease in labor costs, gross margin also appeared to be significantly reduced, part of the company's gross margin even fell below 1% range, before processing a gram of jewelry, cost 260 yuan, processing Fee 5 yuan, which the boss can earn 3 yuan, but now only received 1 to 2 yuan.

Buy gold

It is recommended not to catch high grab gold

Minsheng Bank Guangzhou Branch analyst Chen Minna that: for consumers, the proposed 7 to 8 months time to buy bargain, 1300 US dollars / ounce near the location to buy, if the case fell below $ 1280, the buy will be more ideal. For investors, gold bars, paper gold is still the core product, do not recommend the peak season to buy, but not recommended chase high. Also suggested that in the 7-8 month period bargain hunting, gold price is located in the range of 1200 ~ 1250 dollars is a good buy point, if there is no chance to fall, do not buy worth mentioning.

For the second half of 2014, gold prices, Guangdong Province, Tian Pengfei gold company that: the Fed debt restructuring plan unchanged, the dollar tends to appreciate, determines the dollar in dollar terms will remain "bear market", the reversal is unlikely, but will With the peak season and the emergence of many opportunities to stage the rebound.

Major investment bank - Goldman Sachs Group commented this week, still will not withdraw the long-term bearish view of gold prices; but Tuesday "crash", the world's largest ETF funds once again bought 8.68 tons of gold, to prove its center line Not blindly.

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