Germany Munich Watch & Jewelery Show

- Feb 22, 2017-

While we are still gradually adapt to the new year of working time, 2017 Germany Munich Watch and Jewelery Show will be held on February 18 kicked off. Germany's Munich Watch Fair as the industry's only comparable with the Swiss Basel show jewelry watch exhibition, is one of the world's largest watch show. The exhibition venue is located in Munich, Germany, located in the European cultural and economic center. Because the show is only for watch manufacturers, jewelry manufacturers, gold and silver products manufacturers, the sale of jewelry shopping malls buyers, suppliers and related industry associations members open, the major exhibitors tend to put their brand in the exhibition year The most competitive and creative products, so the Munich jewelry watch show not only much attention by the watch industry veteran, but also sought after for a large number of senior fashion people.


       According to the participants revealed that this exhibition attracted such as Langkun, Qi Bolin, Rong Ke Shi, Ai Li homes, Braun and other German classic brand exhibitors. Among them, Langkun, Qi Bolin, Rong Ke Shi by the franchise Germany and Europe in the high-end watch brand watches and clocks trade group - Germany Bodeide Group agent. Since 2007, the Bodeid Group and a number of European watch brands to reach a strategic partnership, a number of other countries in Germany and other well-known watch brands in China distributor. Market positioning covers the popular classic models, designers and small minority special watch, from high-end, mid-range fashion to form a complete brand portfolio. Long Kun, Qi Bolin, Rong Ke Shi three leading brand is in the days of cat watches are set up a flagship store. Therefore, Alibaba Group also attaches great importance to the exhibition, will send the European general manager Mr. Terry von Bibra on behalf of Ali and days cat watch and its team to attend the opening ceremony of this exhibition.


In the eyes of senior fans, the German watch industry relies on the German world know the strong industrial strength, self-contained. In short, the advantages of the German watch can be summarized as three points. First, cost-effective excellence. German watch business to most of the energy on the watch material, technology and other aspects of the perfect, pay attention to product quality to the brand promotion, because they know that the product is the best publicity. Second, good quality, practical first. German table appearance is unique and not too complicated, the German system movement in the industry also has a very high quality reputation. Body material, grinding and process design is also very good. Three is simple aesthetics. Watch structure clean and simple, will not use too useless design elements. This is also the German watch and other countries watch the appearance of the obvious difference in the brand.


       According to the relevant person in charge of the day cat watch, with the people's consumption concept from the attention to the appearance to the emphasis on cost-effective changes in the German watch market in the domestic watch market has been looming. There are industry veteran analysis and forecast, with Alibaba Group owned by the industry more and more perfect ecological system, the days of cat watch behind the market resources are increasingly large, if the German Pui Bide Group in China's painstakingly operated brands Image and sales platform organic combination, together with the German Watch and Jewelery Association, Munich exhibition on behalf of the representatives of high-quality brand products cluster, multi-hand together and common development, will be able to form from product development to market sales, a complete close industrial chain The German watch in the Chinese watch market on the industrial value, will quickly onto a new level.


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