China Hualin - Top Collection Jewelry Fashion Week

- Apr 21, 2017-

- 50 billion Burma top jade airborne Shenzhen

       "Shengshi the United States and jade, leisure collection" by the Guangdong Provincial Gemstone Jewelry Industry Association, Myanmar Jade Chamber of Commerce, Guangzhou Hualin Jewelery Co., Ltd. jointly organized by the Shenzhen Huasheng Bo Exhibition Co., Ltd. contractors, "China Hualin top collection jewelry Fashion Week "in 15 years on December 11th - 15th in Shenzhen Luohu District Pengnian Hotel 4th floor grand opening!

The top collection of jewelry fashion week is high-end boutique emerald-based, to the national tour form of the show, Shenzhen is the first stop of the national tour, the top collection of jewelry fashion week will bring you a new, Different jewelry feast!

Highlights 1. Exquisite blend of fine goods

       After nearly a year of careful planning, the organizers brought together thousands of total value of more than 50 billion of jade jewelry treasures, valuable tens of millions of jade beads, there have been millions of jade bracelet, with Superb mosaic craft male, female ring, there are millions of pendants worth. At the same time to meet the different consumer groups, but also prepared tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of various types of jade ornaments, works of art.

Highlights 2. astonishing gambling stone shocking people

       "Knife is poor, knife-rich, knife cut out hundreds of millions; crazy to sell, crazy to buy, there are crazy waiting." This sentence in Burma gambling circle more popular.

In fact, gambling stone is also called gambling jade and guess the stone, is a process of assessment of the original stone, jewelers are also one of the main ways to obtain jade. As the original stone in the mining out of a layer of weathering leather wrapped, people can only identify the mouth, color, head, etc. to determine the value of the original stone, to determine how the goods in the end, can only wait for cutting. Every year there are thousands of people from all over the world to Myanmar gambling stone. The jewelry fashion week also brought Burmese gambling culture, so that more love of this Chinese jewelry lovers can enjoy the fun of gambling. The exhibition of the original stone is after decades of experience in the Myanmar businessmen selected the best, will let the gambling people triumphant return.

Highlights 3. Sino-Burmese cooperation price is low

       Hualin Jade Jade City opened in October 2004 Hualin Jade Jade City is located in the famous jewelry jade business district - Hualing Jade Street, adjacent to the upper and lower nine commercial pedestrian street next to the cultural square, Hualin Jade Jade City to "5 A "business purposes, renowned at home and abroad, has become the focus of Guangzhou jewelry jade wholesale business district. Attracting a large number of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Myanmar, Jieyang famous jewelry jade brand settled in business. At the same time it is to attract state-level testing agencies and jewelry design company presence.

The jewelry fashion week all the goods by the Hualin Jade Jade City and the Myanmar Jade Chamber of Commerce to provide all the emerald, the original stone, wool are first-hand sources, directly to the factory price of the consumer, at the price without any other links, so any Other brands shop price can not be compared.

Highlights 4. Expert sits quality assurance

     Organizers for the event, specially invited to the workers in the jewelry testing center of the experts on-site interpretation, identification. But also for your home collection appreciation, reviews, escort for your collection.

Bright spot 5. tea culture rhyme strong

      Activities have been "eight horse tea industry," the full support. By the eight horse tea industry in the field carefully prepared the tea ceremony, fragrant Road, guzheng and other performance programs, allowing you to feel the great beauty of traditional Chinese culture at the same time, enjoy the magic charm of jade jewelry!

     50 people a day to register the guests, free of charge to receive a thousand gold gifts;

     Concerned about the WeChat, pumping thousands of gold awards with WeChat winning information code at the event site to receive the corresponding prizes;


Activity time: December 11, 2015 - 15 days

Address: Pengnian Hotel 4th Floor (Shenzhen City, Luohu District, Guest Road, 2002)

Hotline: 0755-27908800

Traffic landmark: 638 meters away from Shenzhen International Trade Building, 858 meters away from Shenzhen Grand Theater, 859 meters from Shenzhen Dongmen Pedestrian Street

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