Where is the difference between tungsten rings and ceramic rings

- Nov 22, 2016-

Compared to ceramic rings and tungsten carbide rings, and what advantages and disadvantages?
As its name implies, tungsten carbide ring is made with tungsten carbide rings, its hard, stylish and dazzling than gold, silver hard, it is the darling of the new era, there are now more and more people begin to like tungsten steel jewelry. Tungsten rings tungsten jewelry as an representative, it has entered the people's perspective, it has gradually begun to replace the traditional jewelry place in people's lives, with a high quality. Quality tungsten carbide ring, has become the trend of the times,
Ceramic rings, ceramic material means a ring of burning paper, and other materials have different rings, made entirely of ceramic, lightweight, stylish, and no deformation, do not react, the only bad part is not strong enough, but then again, just buy a ceramic ring, ready to take good care of yourself ready for the ring.

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