What is titanium rings and its properties?

- Dec 01, 2017-

What is titanium rings and its properties?

Titanium rings are jewelry rings or bands which primarily constructed from titanium. The material normally is grade 2 titanium, sometimes is grade 5 titanium that is called as "aircraft grade" Ti-Al6-V4 (primarily, 90% titanium, 6% aluminum, 4% vanadium). 

The titanium rings sometimes crafted in combination with other materials, such as gemstones and traditional jewelry metals (gold, silver, stainless steel, etc.). All these rings we can call them as "Titanium ring". 

Titanium rings becoming widely available on the market at around the 1990s. Titanium has become popular as a jewelry material because of its various unique properties: it is biocompatible (hypoallergenic), non-toxic to the human body and lightweight. The ring made by titanium will not react with wearers who suffer allergies to other jewelry materials.

It is highly resistant to most causes of corrosion, including sea water, aqua regia, chlorine (in water), and some acids. Therefore, titanium rings are practical for those who regularly swim in the ocean or chlorinated pools. It is titanium's big advantage compare to some traditional jewelry materials, such as silver, brass and bronze, etc..Besides of that, titanium rings have fatigue resistance and tensile strength.

The craft of titanium rings is difficult, it is nearly impossible to craft by rolling or soldering in the way for silver, gold material. That makes titanium rings is expensive than most jewelry material, but cheap than the precious metal, such as silver, gold. 

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