What is the 4C standard for diamonds

- May 19, 2017-

What is the 4C standard for diamonds?


The diamond ring is something that everyone can have in their lifetime, especially for the wedding rings. So, it's important to know the 4C standard for diamonds. All diamond grades are based on the diamond 4C standard. The 4C refers to the Caratage, Color, Clarity, and Cut.

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Diamond weight: a unit of computing that is standard in the "carat", abbreviated as "ct". When the market is not satisfied with one carat, it will be calculated using the "score", 1 carat = 100 scores. Diamond color: use the color of diamond color to light yellow to be standard, use letter d-z to divide color grade. D is the top color, d-f is colorless, g-j is almost colorless, k-m is yellowish, n-r is near light yellow, and s-z is light yellow. The whiter the diamond, the better the diamond.


Diamond studs are: refers to the natural diamond internal and external inclusions of how location factors such as size, into FL (perfect), IF offered (level), VVS (extremely analyzes level), v (analyzes), SI (small inclusions), I (namely the P level, as the serious defect level)


Diamond cut: is one of the most important factor for measuring value of diamond, into the EX ideal cut (Excellent), VG (Very Good cut Very Good), G (Good cut Good), F (generally cut Fair) and P (Poor cut Poor), a total of five levels. 3EX cuts the top perfect cut in the cut.


Then there are the types of precious metals, common in platinum, gold, silver and titanium. The AU750 and 18K gold are the same meaning, referring to 75% of gold and other precious metals, and AU means gold, and Pt refers to platinum, and the highest is 950. We often have a ring with AUxx Dxxct, which is a marker of the ring information, and the Dxxct is the weight of a diamond, such as the D0.25 ct, which is a 0.25 carat diamond.

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