Tungsten carbide ring features

- Nov 22, 2016-

Tungsten carbide ring features:
1. its high hardness, is no rust just 7 times, titanium 4 times, the hardness can be comparable with the diamond, hard wear. dazzling. Diamond shine. noble and beautiful.
2. it's brightness is very high, polished to make Ruby color and light. Brightness with mirror.
3. its good resistance to corrosion. Artificial sweat test, no corrosion, do not fade, do not change color, no allergies, no rust, gloss can remain an enduring legacy and the new.
3. process: cut flowers, plates, inlay, carving, IP plating, IP plating color carved hundreds of styles. Cut flowers, flat: it includes all polishing, grinding.
4. its mosaic material with natural diamonds, synthetic diamonds CZ, semi-precious stones, gold, silver, Platinum and gold.
5. metal laser machine for your favorite text, pattern, carved on the inside and outside of the ring.

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