The several stones setting methods for wedding rings

- Dec 04, 2017-

The several stones setting methods for wedding rings


The common stone setting methods for wedding rings are prong setting, gypsy setting, channel setting, nail setting, mixed setting and so on.


1. Prong setting, also called claw setting, its suitable for larger facets main stone, it includes two, three, four or six claws. Its easy to set, but it is so stable compared with the gypsy setting.

prong setting wedding rings.JPG   Claw setting wedding rings.jpg

2. Gypsy setting hold the stone stably, suitable for the convex stone that is difficult to grasp or irregular stone, including all-fold inlay and half-fold inlay, but both of them requires the inlay very fit, and difficult to modify.

gypsy setting wedding rings.JPG

3. Channel setting is mainly used for inlaying small stones, and the nail setting is mainly used for group set of small round stones.

channel setting wedding rings.jpg    nail setting wedding rings.JPG

4. The combination of different setting way in the same piece of jewelry means mixed setting. This method of setting stones can be combined with large stones and small stones harmoniously, and can flexibly handle high and low place and a variety of camber.


The Quality Evaluation for different setting methods as follows:


Stones should be in correct position, neat, the main stone and other stones do not loosen, no gap between the inlay edges and stones; smooth edges, the height of the inlay edges should be adapted to the thickness of the stone, cannot see the bottom when looking down; the bracket has no deformation, no scratches on the surface and no cracks and fracture.

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