The schedule of 2017 IJL(International Jewellry London) Show

- Sep 02, 2017-

The schedule of 2017 IJL(International Jewellry London) Show

2017 IJL(International Jewellry London) Show 

- Exhibition time: September 3rd~5th, 2017, 3 days

- Venue: Olympia London

- Exhibition cycle: one year session

- Range of exhibition:

Gold jewelry, platinum jewelry, pearls, diamonds and precious stones jewelery; jade and ornaments; semi-precious stones, colored gemstones; gold bars, gold coins, gold foil, gold watch and other gold products; packaging and display supplies; related products and services

IJL(International Jewellry London) Show has been unaware of 59 years, it has been pushing the jewelry industry continues to move forward, while the exhibition also for the British and international exhibitors show numerous visual feast. The exhibition shows the innovative products in the UK, providing a comfortable environment for the audience. From the exhibition, you can learn about the new trends in the development of the industry and establish contact with the customers to achieve cooperation.


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