The history of rings

- May 17, 2017-

The history of rings

Refer to the ring, and most people associate it with marriage and love together.In fact, the ring itself at first did not have this meaning.


Ring in China has a long history in the primitive society period, the ring was produced as an ornament.Ring's history can be traced back to the neolithic age, People found decorative rings in the tombs of Longshan culture relics, Gansu Qijia cultural relics also had rings in copper material be unearthed. Take Tai’an city’s Dawenkou relics set in Shandong province which named “Dawenkou culture" for an example, for the first discovered in 1959, 20 pieces of rings have been discovered. Nine of them were still set on the finger of the dead, they are made of materials such as bone and jade.From the unearthed situation in forty-five thousand so far in the primitive society, rings were wore by both male and female, also regardless of left and right sides.


During the same period of ancient Egypt, the ring also appears in people's life, in addition to the metal, they also were made of shells, not only beautiful appearance, but also was used as currency.

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