Precious metal jewelry surface treatment process

- Dec 05, 2017-

Precious metal jewelry surface treatment process

In order to achieve the desired artistic effect, the precious metal jewelry must do surface treatment in the final stages of its production. There are many ways of surface treatment, including: carving, rolled gold, electroplating, CNC pattern, sandblasting and so on.

(1) Electroplating process

Plating process is a kind of precious metal jewelry surface coating processing methods, such as the gold plating for sterling silver jewelry, rhodium plating for platinum jewelry. The main processes of jewelry plating are: acid-base wash, degreasing polished, then plating. Plating process can protect the surface color and brightness of precious metal jewelry, so jewelry has a more beautiful appearance.

(2) Rolled gold process

Rolled gold process is to wrap the hammered very thin layer of gold foil on non-gold jewelry, then heated and press the gold foil on the surface firmly by tool without leaving a seam. The appearance looks exactly like gold jewelry. It is a common surface treatment of jewelry.

(3) Carving process

 Carving process is to create pattern by using a kind of trowel doing hammer on the surface of precious metal, the pattern can be deep, shallow, rugged, uneven polish.

(4) CNC pattern process

CNC pattern process is to carve patterns on the surface with combination of shining and stripe lines by high-speed rotated diamond cutter. As the diamond cutter is very hard, so the stripes are very smooth and glittering. We call the product finished by CNC pattern process as “flash ring” or “flash pendant”, its very popular with people.

CNC pattern jewelry ring.jpg

(5) Sandblasting process

To spray the quartz sand onto the exposed polished metal surface by high pressure, make the surface be in a hazy, soft finish.

Sandblasting finished jewelry rings.jpg

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