Men's Wedding Rings

- Jan 26, 2018-

Up until the 20th century, wedding rings were mostly worn by women. However, nowadays wedding rings are exchanged at the marriage ceremony and worn by both partners. The most traditional-style of wedding ring for men is a plain metal band of either 18k gold or platinum. The thickness of this ring style may often depend on budget, as well as practical issues and of course the length and size of each individual's fingers. However, men's wedding rings do come in a wide array of styles, so they can express much more about a man's style preferences than a traditional, plain gold ring.

Before you shop online for men's wedding rings, keep in mind the following:

  • Is this an everyday ring (including working days) or a ring for non-work days?

  • Do you need a ring that will withstand tough, manual work or sports?

  • Is your style traditional (gold), contemporary (platinum) or cutting edge (tungsten carbide)?

  • Do you want a ring to reflect your cultural heritage?

  • What shape and size will suit your finger? (5-7mm thickness, flat or rounded)

  • Will your ring need re-sizing or re-shaping? (choose the metal accordingly).

Traditional Wedding Rings for Men

As we mentioned, the most traditional and popular wedding ring for men is a plain metal band, usually made of either 18k gold or platinum. However, traditionally-looking plain metal rings may also be made of palladium, titanium and zirconium.

Traditional With A Twist

For a slight embellishment on the traditional plain metal rings worn by men, you can also consider subtle design features like braiding, woven or wave patterns or milgrain detail. These are not fancy touches, but add a little design detail that may suit men looking for a little more than a plain band, but not too much. Instead of bands with rounded or comfort fit, another men's ring style to consider is a flat band. Whilst it may not offer quite the same degree of comfort as other ring styles, it, does look slightly more contemporary.

Rugged Wedding Rings for Rugged Men

Often the over-riding requirement for men's wedding rings is that they look good for a very long time, stay on securely and don't get scratched up even when men are doing 'manly things'! A great choice for a man's ring metal can be tungsten, which is one of the toughest ring metals around. Whilst, titanium and platinum rings are more scratch resistant than gold and silver, they will scratch over time. (Choosing a slight design detail can help miminise the look of scratches and re-polishing can also help.) It's important to note that aircraft grade titanium rings cannot be cut off in case of emergency and titanium and tungsten rings cannot be re-sized.

Other Men's Wedding Ring Style Suggestions

Other wedding ring styles that may be of interest particulary to men include:

  • Rings with wood inlays

  • Rings incorporating two or three metals

  • Rings with specific design details such as group insignia or ethnic significance (Claddagh wedding rings, Italian diamond wedding rings or Turkish 'puzzle' wedding rings)

  • Rings that reflect an interest or career (e.g. army/camouflage rings)

  • Rings with subtle gemstone insets.

Wedding Rings Sets - His 'N' Hers

To mark the beginning of their marriage, many couples choose to buy wedding ring sets, which either include an engagement ring and wedding ring for the bride, or the engagement ring and wedding rings for both partners. These wedding ring sets can consist of matching rings with a slimmed-down version of the groom's ring for his bride. Alternatively, a wedding ring set can consist of complementary rings, where for example the bride's ring is more elaborate than the groom's, but the groom's ring picks up on a small design detail.

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