How to pick a good tungsten rings

- Nov 22, 2016-

When you in the selection of tungsten steel jewelry, sometimes will not know how to pick jewelry, how to pick a good tungsten carbide rings for everyone,
1, judging from the weight:
Tungsten ring density than titanium steel, wear a textured, rich in heavy metals; if you wear light, will be fake. 2, judging from the hardness:
Tungsten steel density is 8-9M (Mohs hardness scale) between a natural diamond (10M) hardness is very near to 10 times is 18K gold, titanium 4 times, stainless steel 5 times, almost no wear. Please take the blade hard objects on the surface, such as a flat, real tungsten steel jewelry does not produce scratches; otherwise, it is fake.
3, judging from the appearance of:
Now good tungsten brand, such as Townes DUN tungsten rings and Tang Sidun tungsten Steel Bracelet, real men, the color is cool silver, after high parabolic mirrors, and after treatment, with unparalleled gloss, refraction and texture, with jewel-like color and light. If gloss is very poor, even bleak, is fake.
4, judging from the time:
In a specially treated, tungsten steel jewelry is extremely wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, durable under normal usage conditions such as new, no oxidation bleaching skin allergies; if in use for some time after becoming oxidation rust, marbling and even fading as surely as fakes.

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