How to choose a titanium jewelry?

- Feb 01, 2018-

 For many years now, gold, silver and platinum have been the mainstay of the jewelry industry. But that dominance is about to be challenged with the rising popularity of titanium jewelry . Titanium has a brilliant white luster, a subtle rainbow sheen, and is stunning to look at and comfortable to wear. So it"s hardly surprising that more people are discovering its beauty every day. 
  One of the big advantages of wearing titanium jewelry is that it"s strong. It"s stronger than steel, and so is far superior to gold, silver and platinum in this respect. You can wear your titanium jewelry all the time, no matter what you"re doing, and don"t have to worry about it getting scratched or dented. 
  The strength of titanium also means that it requires very little maintenance. The softer metals such as gold and platinum need to be polished regularly if you want to keep them looking their best. Titanium , however, only needs an occasional wipe to remove finger marks or dirt, and it"s as good as new again, stunningly white. 
  As well as being strong, titanium is also non-corrosive. This means that salt water and cleaning compounds don"t damage titanium . You don"t need to take off your jewelry and hide it under your beach towel at the beach any longer. Just leave your titanium jewelry on, and it will be fine. Make sure it"s not loose, though! 
  If you choose a simple style of fashion titanium jewelry, it can be worn with almost any outfit to any occasion. Want to dress up a little black dress? Choose the sparkling contrast of titanium . Something simple to wear with your blue jeans? Titanium is stylish but casual. 
  For those with sensitive skin, titanium jewelry is an absolute must. It"s hypoallergenic, which means it doesn"t irritate your skin. Many people who wear gold, silver and platinum end up with skin rashes or discolored skin from the metal. They"re either allergic to those particular metals, or to the nickel and zinc used in alloys. But titanium can be worn without any concern at all. 
  Another good thing about titanium jewelry is that it"s very individual. Unlike chunky gold bracelets which seem to be on every wrist nowadays, titanium is still the new kid on the block. So you will find plenty of friends drooling over your latest piece of jewelry , admiring its beauty, because they"ve never seen anything like it before. 
  If there"s a downside to titanium jewelry it"s that it hasn"t become widely available yet, making it difficult to purchase. Many local jewelry stores now carry some titanium jewelry , but usually only a small selection. You can ask to see their catalogue, and hopefully find something you like that they can order for you. 
  The other option is to shop online. There are plenty of titanium jewelry stores online, so it"s easy to shop around and find the style of jewelry you like for the best possible price. 
  If you like to be ahead of the crowd, and maybe be a little bit individual, then titanium jewelry is definitely the right choice for you. Gold, silver and platinum have been around for a long time, and so have nothing new to offer. Titanium jewelry , however, is fast becoming the rage, so get in early and buy yours today

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