Diamond / CZ stones setting method

- Oct 16, 2017-

Diamond / CZ stones setting method

Cut and polished diamonds were sent to the jewelry factory, jewelry designer design drawings, from the plate, polished, casting, and then skilled craftsmen inlaid, the diamond's bright, beautiful show completely. There are four common types of mosaic:

1, claw inlay method: This is one of the most common mosaic method, mainly composed of a few metal columns, in the top of the metal claw to open a "7" -shaped gap, the diamond's waist in the gap, and then use The pliers are pressed against the claws to fix the diamonds.

2, nail type: in a piece of metal to open a small hole, and then the diamond seat in a fixed position, the use of diamonds side of the metal, with a shovel to push the metal and push forward to form a small nail, covered in diamonds Above, with inlaid diamonds.

3, slot inlay method: the use of both sides of the metal wall of the car to the diamond placed in the pit, and then apply pressure with a clamp to fix the diamond.

4, package edge inlay method: first do a cylindrical incision, in the cylinder on the wall of the car pit, the appropriate size of the diamond placed in it, then the metal edge pressure on the corners of the diamond girdle above , You can fix the diamond.

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