Characteristics of tungsten steel jewelry

- Nov 22, 2016-

Tungsten steel jewelry features:
1. tungsten steel's brightness is very high, like a mirror. Polished to make Ruby color and light, cold, strong, highly personalized features.
2. the hardness is very high, are titanium 4 times, is no rust just 7 times, hardness second only to diamonds, can be  comparable with the diamond, Tunstall hard wear-resisting, shining, specific to adamantine luster, gives a noble experience.
3. tungsten steel through metal laser machine will be your favorite patterns and characters, carved on the inside or outside of the ring.
4. jewelry is comparable to lead and stone, the price was far removed from the diamond.
5. corrosion resistance of tungsten carbide is very good. Artificial sweat test, no color, no corrosion, do not fade, easily lead to allergies, no rust, lasting new color.
6. the tungsten mosaic material with natural diamonds, ceramics and faux diamond CZ, shells, semi-precious stones, gold, Platinum, silver, etc.
7. tungsten steel processes: inlaid precious stones, shells, pottery, flower carved motifs, such as carved Fu Tubiao, can also be flat, IP plating, IP plating color engraving on thousands of styles. Cut flowers, flat and divided into polished and matte.

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