Can a titanium ring be cut off?

- Feb 01, 2018-

Emergency Medical Technicians, Fire Departments, and Hospital Emergency Rooms can remove titanium rings in case of an injured finger.

Many jewelry stores make false claims that titanium can't be cut. They spread this rumor when titanium started to weaken their sales of more expensive bands. If titanium could not be cut, I wouldn't be able to make my rings in the first place using ordinary high-speed steel tools!

Several non-destructive methods for ring removal are available before resorting to cutting a ring. Examples: Soak the hand in ice water for a couple of minutes to shrink the finger. Raise the hand above the head to reduce pressue. Apply lotion, liquid soap or lubricant, then pull the ring with a rocking motion.

Rings made with a true comfort fit interior are easier to slide off than rings with a straight "pipe-fit" interior.  Be aware that many titanium rings on the market claim to be comfort fit, but they just have a straight "pipe fit" interior with only the edges tapered and rounded off. My rings have a true comfort fit, fully curved interior.

In the rare event it becomes necessary to cut off a ring, emergency medical professionals have the necessary tools to cut through metals, including my CP and Aerospace Grade Titanium. In my testing, I found that tools that will cut through stainless steel will also cut through titanium rings.

Several types of suitable rotary cutters exist, however specialized Ring Cutters are available from jewelry supply companies and, a company serving Public Safety professionals.

For your safety, never wear any type of ring around open machinery or electrical equipment, or while participating in physical sports.

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