Basic knowledge of Rubies

- Oct 16, 2017-

Basic knowledge of Rubies

1, mineral name: corundum.

2, chemical composition: AL2O3 containing trace chromium, iron and so on.

3, crystal shape: triangular, hexagonal barrel, columnar, plate and leaf-like.

4, color: Cr chrome color, light red, pink, crimson, orange red, purple.

5, the physical properties:

(1) Gloss: Asian King Kong gloss to bright glass luster.

(2) Transparency: transparent to opaque.

(3) multi-color: different directions can see different colors, crimson - light red, red - orange red, purple - brown red.

(4) Hardness: Mohs hardness 9.

(5) Density: 3.98-4.28 g / cm3.

(6) special light effect: starlight

6, Origin:

(1) Burmese Red Bull: Myanmar pigeon blood red for the best in the red, the so-called pigeon blood red is a color saturation of the pure red, precious stones rich in rutile needle-like body, the color is often uneven, Finished gem surface showing silk luster, starlight red wine output.

(2) Thai Ruby: Thailand is also an important source of ruby.

Color: Due to the high iron content, the Thai ruby color is darker, the transparency is lower brown red to dark red, the color is not even the ribbon development.

Body: almost missing rutile inclusions, polytetrahydrate ore body covered with white long needle-like, no starlight red output, and more with a fingerprint-like body

(3) Sri Lanka Red: known for its high transparency and softness.

Color: almost including red - light red series of intermediate transition color, pink more, high-grade cherry red, also known as water red, is a high degree of transparency of the tender pink slightly pink, yellow tone, ribbons more development The

Body: rich rutile, zircon inclusions.

(4) Vietnamese ruby: its quality and characteristics similar to the Burmese red.

Color: iron content between Myanmar and Thailand, the color than Myanmar is deeper than Thailand, the performance of purple, red and purple and purple powder, ribbon linear appearance can be pink, orange, colorless, Blue ribbon.

Body: finger-like inclusions, orange triclinite body, flat gold mica crystal.

(5) Tanzania ruby: similar to the Thai red.

Color: mostly red to purple, some with orange tones of orange-red, ribbon growing stripes more obvious.

Body: needle-like, point-like rutile inclusions, tubular water and aluminum mine.

(6) China's red origin: Yunnan, Anhui, Qinghai, Heilongjiang, Yunnan, the best quality of Ruby.

Yunnan Red Po features: the original stone was irregular grain.

Color: light red, light rose red, purple, red to red-based red.

Body: more, cracked rutting development so low transparency.

7, quality evaluation:

(1) Color: red, orange red, dark red, pink, purple, pure red for the best internal reflection and internal reflection color: to have anti-fire, and the internal reflection color to bright dichroism is not obvious.

(2) clarity: the size of the defect, location, quantity, contrast and durability of the impact of precious stones.

(3) cut; to consider the cut shape, proportion, symmetry, degree of modification (with Sapphire).

(4) Weight: carat.

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