A few tips on how to keep your diamond ring

- May 20, 2017-

A few tips on how to keep your diamond ring


Like a diamond ring is very popular, to maintain the diamond ring is very important, during the wearing of the diamond ring on the hand, corrosion is unavoidable, so, you must know the following diamond maintenance knowledge.


Common methods of diamond ring maintenance

(1) when doing the housework, it is best not to let the diamond jewelry to get oil or bleach, oil pollution will affect the luster of the diamond, bleach will not damage the diamond, but can make a set of 18k gold or platinum metal spots.

(2) the hardness of diamond is high, but also is brittle, so its better to not wear it to do heavy work.

(3) do not put diamond with other jewelry in the drawer or jewelry box, because of the diamond in friction they will scratch other jewelry, had better buy a few more small box to separate collection that diamond. At the same time, platinum jewelry is unfavorable and gold jewelry to wear at the same time, because gold is soft, if rub against each other, not only can make gold jewelry is damaged, also can make gold color on the platinum, yellow, and yellow spot is very difficult to remove.

(4) the drill should be taken to the jewelry store every year to see if the diamond and the set are loose and worn to be repaired in time.

(5) be sure to wear a diamond after makeup and perfume. Because diamonds are sticky to grease, grease or dust can be sticky on the diamond surface and make it dull, so wash it regularly.

(6) to check the tooth inlaid often is strong, strong, is there a hook to pull phenomenon, pay attention to wear a sweater or knit garments on the wear of diamond have been torn, diamond, after all, is not a bargain. Keep good care when not in use, put in fixed place, convenient to use at any time. If the ring doesn't fit, don't force it, it's very convenient to go to the gold store.

(7) diamonds are hydrophobic and oily, and you can ask the shopkeeper to wash them in ultrasonic equipment. At home cleaning is also very simple, add appropriate amount of detergent in warm water, then wash the jewelry will need to put in for 1 hour or so after the brush gently with small soft toothbrush, reoccupy clear water flushing, finally with towel or soft cloth blot moisture, or with a hair dryer to blow dry, avoid by all means use toothpaste is not easy to dissolve in water, such as washing products.

(8) go to the jewelry store regularly for professional maintenance.



The details and problem of the diamond ring maintenance: don't impact; Regular yearly check; Professional cleaning; The classification storage and other methods. The following details and related questions are presented.

Diamond is the hardest thing in the world, but it is very afraid of bumping. Because of its special molecular structure, it cannot withstand a collision, although it can mark any stone. Especially "claw" diamonds, the diamond waist is fragile.

(2) maintain a diamond ring, yearly check regularly: missing diamond by set loose bracket has occurred repeatedly, Suggestions for diamond do yearly check every year, check with Joe, polish to reinforcement.

The diamond is a pro-oil gem, easily stained with oil, so you should remove the drill when you apply the hand cream. You can't wear swimming, and the chloride bleach in the water will corrode the diamond. Choose professional jewelry cleaner and instrument cleaning.

(4) maintain a diamond ring, and store it in a classified place: different stones are stored in case the hard diamond bruises other precious stones. To prevent the jewelry from being dark, put a piece of chalk to absorb moisture.


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