FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)


Q1: What is your main product?

A: Our main product is wedding rings.


Q2: Whats the other jewelry you make?

A: We also make pendants, earrings, necklaces, bangles, etc.


Q3: How many years experience do you have?

A: We have over 20 years experience in jewelry industry, but focus on making wedding rings from 2006.


Q4: Do you do export?

A: Yes, almost of our wedding rings are exported abroad.

We have over 20 years experience in jewelry industry, but focus on making wedding rings from 2006.


Q5: Do you do OEM?

A: Yes, we provide both OEM and ODM service. 


Q6: Where are your clients from?

A: Until right now, our clients are mostly from Europe. We are willing to make cooperation with clients all over the world.  


Q7: What material can you do for the wedding rings?

A: The material can be 925 Sterling Silver, Titanium, Tungsten, Ceramic, 316L stainless steel and brass. Brass rings are usually used to making dummy rings for counter display.


Q8: Can you do rings with our brand Logo?

A: Yes, of course. We can either engraved logo on the surface of ring or laser logo inside of the ring.


Q9: Whats the MOQ(minimum order quantity) for mass order?

A: The MOQ is 50pcs/size/design for regular rings without special process. For the rings that need to start new mold or the rings with unique shape, the MOQ is 100pcs~300pcs/size/design. We will let you know the MOQ base on specific cases.


Q10: Can I ask for samples before placing mass order?

A: Yes, you can place sample order to us for quality checking before placing the mass order.


Q11: Should I pay for the samples?

A: Yes, we will let you know the sample charge base on your request. Normally, it around USD80.00~USD100.00 for one design and one size of ring. The exact charge will be confirmed base on specific cases.


Q12: Can the sample charge be refunded?

A: Yes, full amount or partial amount will be refunded base on your actual order quantity for mass production. We will let you know it before you paying the sample charge.


Q13: Is it possible to arrange free samples to us?

A: We only provide free samples to regular clients that we have long-term stable cooperation over two years. 


Q14: Can I place a trial order?

A: Yes, we only have MOQ request for each design and each size, you can place trial order with a few design and a few different sizes to test our quality.


Q15: Can the trial order with quantity less than the MOQ?

A: This can be negotiated base on specific cases. For example, for the rings request MOQ at 50pcs/design/size, we may accept the trial order with 30pcs/design/size, while the unit price will be a little higher.


Q16: Whats the lead time for samples?

A: The lead time for samples is around 7~10 business days, it may be a little effected by the current production condition.


Q17: Whats the lead time for mass order?

A: The lead time for mass order is around 30 days, the unique shape of rings or rings with plating color may cost 5~15 days more.


Q18: Whats your standard packaging for rings?

A: The standard packaging for rings is “1pc PE seal bag for 1pc ring; 50~100pcs rings in one larger PE seal bag; several larger PE seal bags in one carton”, inside the carton, we will put some bubble bag or sponge to fill the gap and protect the goods.


Q19: Can I request to pack the rings into tray or pack the rings into jewelry boxes?

A: Yes, please give us the special request of packaging when you placed the mass order. The packing material can be provided by you or us.


Q20: How do you send the rings to us?

A: The shipping way is up to you. For the rings with our standard packaging, normally, we will send them to you by worldwide Express, such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, etc. For the rings packed into trays or jewelry boxes, normally we will arrange air shipment or sea shipment to you.


Q21: What payment way can we use?

A: T/T, Paypal, Western Union, Trade Assurance, any one is OK for us.


Q22: Whats the payment term for sample orders?

A: It’s full advance payment for sample orders.


Q23: Whats the payment term for mass orders?

A: 50% deposit, balance 50% before shipment.


Q24: Can you send us the goods including the freight charge?

A: Yes, we can. We will confirm the exact freight charge and insurance to you when the goods are ready.


Q25: Can you make rings base on my samples or drawings?  

A: Yes, we can make rings base on your sample or drawings, because we have our own engineer can make drawings. And we can provide physical samples to you for approval before starting the mass production.


Q26: For your designed wedding rings, can I only order men rings or women rings?

A: Yes, of course. You can order either men rings or women rings.


Q27: Can you make plating color for the rings?  

A: Yes, we can make black, 14K gold, 18K gold, 24K gold and rose gold color for the rings.


Q28: Can you do nickle-free rings?

A: Yes, all the rings are nickle-free.


Q29: How long will the plating color keep?

A: Electroplating color can keep one year, vacuum plating can keep 2~3 years under normal condition.


Q30: Can you support us for the after-sell service?

A: Yes, we can repair the goods for you by free they have quality problem. For other problems, we will charge you some repair cost.  


Q31: Do you make real gold wedding rings?  

A: Sorry, at this moment, we don’t make real gold wedding rings.


Q32: Whats main kind of stones are you using?  

A: The main kinds of stones we are using are CZ stones and diamond stones.


Q33: Do you have any special material rings?

A: Yes, we also have carbon fiber rings and plastic rings. Welcome to contact with us if you are interested to do the special material.